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The Nottingham Baby & Toddler Group was created after a difficult decision to permanently stop my own baby & toddler classes but also during a hard and very long lockdown pregnancy in 2020 not only to find support, but to help maintain the local Baby & Toddler groups and communities online. 

This community is still well established on socials via Facebook and Instagram and has grown to 4.6k Members providing a online hub for all Nottingham parents of Babies and toddlers to locate local classes, Groups, workshops and services available to them and for class teachers, session leaders and small businesses owners to have a focal point to freely advertise to parents all over Nottingham.

The aim of the Nottingham Baby & Toddler Events are to bring the social aspect back and connect Babies, Toddlers and parents to group leaders and service providers under one roof!

I know recently its been hard for service providers to get people back into face to face classes, as I know personally on the other side how anxious it may feel to step back into a class after so long, and we aim for these Event to help this! 

We want to keep them local, champion small businesses and keep the community vibe as we have a fabulous community online and want to celebrate this together in person! So no BIG commercial building, No BIG Commercial companies -Just a BIG Community atmosphere welcoming all from all over Nottingham!

"The Perfect opportunity for Parents & Guardians from all over Nottingham caring for little ones aged 0-5 years to come back face-to-face to connect with other parents, Class leaders & service providers & have fun!"

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